GPAT Books and Guides

GPAT Books and Guides are given below-
(a) GPAT A Companion by N. Inamdar - Published by Career Publications.
(b) GPAT and GATE Pharmacy by G. Vidya Sagar - Published by Pharmamed Press.
(c) GPAT by Mohammed Ali - Published by Birla Publications.
(d) Pharmacy Quiz GPAT by Samba Reddy - Published by Pharmamed Press.
(e) The Pearson Guide to the GPAT by Umang H Shah - Published by Pearson Publishers.
(f) Synopsis for GPAT by Munish Ahuja - Published by Piyush Book Publication
(g) GPAT and GATE Pharmacy Solved Papers by G. Vidya Sagar
(h) Pharma Stroke Preparation for GPAT by Tarun Kumar Dasgupta
(i)  BET and GPAT by Hardik G Jani - Published by Atul Prakashan
(j) GPAT Cracker by Sanjar Alam
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