Pharmacy Books

Pharmacy Books are given below-

1 PHARMACEUTICS (Pharmaceutical Technology, Dispensing Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Biopharmaceutis and Pharmacokinetics, Forensic Pharmacy, Jurisprudence and Pharmaceutical Microbiology)

Ansel H C, Introduction to Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms, K M Varghese & Co., Bombay.

Aulton M E, Pharmaceutics - The Science of Dosage Form Design, ELBS/ Churchill Livingstone.

Banker G S and Rhode C T, Modem Pharmaceutics, Marcel Dekker Inc., NY.

Carter S. J. Cooper and Gunn's Dispensing for Pharmaceutical Students, CBS Publishers, Delhi.

Rawlins EA Bentley's Textbook of Pharmaceutics ELBS Bacilliere Tindall.

Lachmen L, Lieberman HA and Kanig J L, The Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy, Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia.

A Textbook of Pharmaceutical Formulation by B M Mithal, Published by Vallabh Prakashan.

A text Book of Professional Pharmacy by N K Jain and S N Sharma, Published by Vallabh Prakashan

Martin A N, Arthur Cammarata, James Swarbrick, Physical Pharmacy, K M Varghese & Co., Bombay.

Introduction to Novel Drug Delivery Systems by N K Jain, Vallabh Prakashan

Sharma PP, Cosmetics–Formulation, Mfg & QC, by Vallabh Prakashan

Pharmaceutics I and II by R M Mehta, Published by Vallabh Prakashan

Dispensing of medication, (Formerly Husa's Pharmaceutical Dispensing). Edited by E. W. Martin, Published by Mack Publishing Company

Pharmaceutical Calculations by G K Jani, B S Shah Prakashan

Dispensing Pharmacy by R M Mehta, Published by Vallabh Prakashan

Carter S J, Cooper and Gunn's Tutorial Pharmacy, CBS Publishers, Delhi.

Parry R H & Chilton C H, Chemical Engineers Handbok, McGraw Kogakusha Ltd.

Badger W L and Banchero J T, Introduction to Chemical Engineering McGraw Hill Intematonal Book Co.,London.

Pharmaceutical Engineering (Unit Operations I and II) by C V S Subrahmanyam, Published by Vallabh Prakashan

Merchant H.S and Qadry J. S, Text Book of Hospital Pharmacy, B.S. Shah Prakashan, Ahmedabad.

Hassan William E, Hospital Pharmacy, Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia

Mithal B.M., A Text Book of Forsenic Pharmacy, National Book Depot, Calcutta.

Forensic Pharmacy by R M Mehta, Published by Vallabh Prakashan

Phramaceutical Jurisprudence by N K Jain, Published by Vallabh Prakashan

Jain N K, A Text Book of Forsenic Pharmacy, Vallabh Prakashan, Delhi.

Microbiology by Pelczar, Published by Tata McGraw-Hill Education

Prescott L M, Jarely G P, Klein D A, Microbiology, Wm C Borown Publishers, Oxford.

Prescott and Dunn, Industrial Microbiology, McGraw Hill Book Company Inc.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology by N K Jain, Vallabh Prakashan

Ananthanarayan and Paniker's Textbook of Microbiology, Published by Universities Press

Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics by Gibaldi M, Published by Lea & Febiger

Notari R E, Biopharmaceutis and Pharmacokinetics - an Introduction Marcel Dekker Inc NY.

Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics by D M Brahmankar and S B Jaiswal, Vallabh Prakashan

Textbook of Biopharmaceuticals and Pharmacokinetics-Concept and Application by C V S Subrahmanyam, Vallabh Prakashan

Pharmaceutical Industrial Management by R M Mehta, Published by Vallabh Prakashan

Drug Store and Business Management by R M Mehta, Published by Vallabh Prakashan

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Fundamental and Applications by S S Kori and M A Halkai, Published by Vallabh Prakashan


Kokate C K, Purohit A P and Gokhale S B, Pharmacognosy (Degree) Nirali Prakashan, Pune.

Trease G E and Evans W C, Pharmacognosy, Bailliere Tindall, Eastbourne, U K.

Wallis T E., Text Book of Pharmacognosy , J & A Churchill Limited, London.

Pharmaceutical botany: A text-book for students of pharmacy and science by Heber Wilkinson Youngken, Published by P. Blakiston's son &    co., 1921

Botany for Degree Students by A C Dutta, Published by Oxford University Press

Marine Pharmacognosy; Trends and Applications by Se-Kwon Kim

Plankton and Productivity in the Oceans by John Edwin

British Herbal Pharmacopoeia 1996 by British Herbal Medicine Association, Published by British Herbal Medicine Association

American Herbal Pharmacopoeia by Williamson Langer Jolliffe Graff Upton Published by Taylor & Francis/BSP Books

Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India, Published by Controller Of Publications


Chaurasia B D, Human Anatomy, Regional & Applied. Part I, II & III, CBS Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi.

Guyton A C, Hall JE., Textbook of Medical Physiology,WB Sannders Company.

Human Physiology, C C Chatterjee, Medical Allied Agency, Calcutta

Ross and Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness, International Edition, Published by Elsevier Health Sciences

Human Anatomy and physiology by Derashari and Gandhi

Goodman and Gilman's, The Pharmacological basis of Therapeutics; Editors: J G Hardman, L E Limbird, P B Molinoss, R W Ruddon and A Gil, Pergamon Press.

Rang MP Dale MM, Riter lM., Pharmacology, Churchill Livingstone.

Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Pharmacology by by Pamela C. Champe, Pamela C. Champe (Editor), Richard Finkel (Editor), Luigi X  Cubeddu  (Editor), Michelle A Clarke (Editor), Published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

KD Tripathi’s Essentials of Medical Pharmacology, Publishered by Jaypee (JBP)

Barar F S K., Text Book of Pharmacology, Interprint, new Delhi.

Text Book of Experimental Pharmacology by Goyal R. K

Kulkarni S.K., Handbook of Experimentals Pharmacology, Vallabh Prakashan Delhi.

Health Education and Community Pharmacy by Dr P C Dandiya, Dr Z Y Zafar and Dr Afifa Zafar, Published by Vallabh Prakashan

Health Education & Community Pharmacy by N.S.Parmar, Published by CBH

Basics of Health Education and Community Pharmacy by Goyal, Bhatt and Kumar

4 PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY (Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analysis, Biochemistry)

Wilson and Giswold's Text book of Organic Medicinal and Phamaceutical Chemistry, J. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia.

Foye's principles of medicinal chemistry by William O Foye; Thomas L Lemke; David A Williams, Published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins  (London)

Textbook of Medicinal Chemistry Volume 1 & II by Surendran N Pandeya, Published by Sg Publisher

An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry by Grahm L Patrick, Published by Oxford University Press, New Delhi

Medicinal Chemistry by Ashutosh Kar, Published by New Age International

Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry by Harkishan Singh and V K Kapoor

Bassett J, Denny R C, Jeffery G H, Mendham J, Vogel's Textbook of Quantitative Inorganic Analysis, ELBS/Longman, London.

Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis by Dr. G.R. Chatwal Sham Anand, Published by Himalaya Publishing House

B.K. Sarma, Instrumental Chemical Analysis, Goel Publishers

R.M. Silvesterin and G.C. Bassler.Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds

Hobart. H. Willard and others, Instrumental methods of analysis, CBS publ and Distributors New Delhi

Principles of Instrumental Analysis by Skoog, Douglas A.; Holler, F. James; Crouch, Stanley R, Published by Cengage Learning

Elementary organic spectroscopy by Y R Sharma, Published by S. Chand and Company Ltd, New Delhi

Spectroscopy of Organic Compounds by P.S. Kalsi, Published by New Age International Pvt Ltd Publishers

Finar I L, Organic Chemistry, Vol. II ELBS/Longman, London.

Morrison T R and Boyd R N, Organic Chemistry, Prentice Hall of India, Private limited, New Delhi.

Murray R.K, Granner DK, Mayes PA, Rodwell. VW. ed. Harper's Biochemistry, 25 th edition. London, Prentice-Hall International Inc

Biochemistry, Worth Publisher, Inc., Lehninger A L, Principles of Biochemistry, CBS Publishers and Distributors.

Textbook of Biochemistry by A V S S Rama Rao, Published by Ubs Publishers' Distributors (p) Ltd.

Biochemistry by U. Satyanarayana , U. Chakrapani, Published by Elsevier Health Sciences

Organic Chemistry Natural Products Volume I&II by O. P. Agrawal, Published by KRISHNA Prakashan Media (P) Ltd. (Goel Publishing House)

The Chemistry of Organic Natural Products, Volume I and II by Gurdeep R. Chatwal, Published by Himalaya Publishing House

Inorganic medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry. By J. H. Block, E. B. Roche, T. O. Soine, and C. O. Wilson. Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia,  PA

Pharmaceutical Chemistry I By Dr N C Chaudhary and Dr N K Gurbani, Published by Vallabh Prakashan


Grogona P, Programming in Pascal, Adeison Wesley, Reading, M A Hunt N and Shelley J. Computers and Commonsense, Prentice Hall of  India, New Delhi.

Jensen K and Wirth N., Pascal User Mannual and Report, Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi.

Popst and Perrum "Computer Aided Drug Design", Academic Press, New York.

Rajanunan v, Computer Programming in Pascal, Prentice- Hall of India, New Delhi, I983.

Wirth N, Systematic Programming an Introduction, Prentice Hall Englewood Cliff's New Jersey.

Computer Applications by Bhaskar Chaurasia and Rajiv Kumar Chaurasia, Published by Vallabh Prakashan 


A Textbook of mathematics for XI-XII Students, NCERT Publications, vol. I-IV

Business Mathematics by V K Kapoor

Gupta S P, Statistical Methods, Sultan Chand & Co., New Delhi.

Boltons, Pharmaceutical Statistics. Practical and Clinical Applications, MeeceI Dekker, N Y.

Daniel W W, Biostatistics. A Foundation for Analysis in Health Sciences, John Wiley, NY.

Grewal B S, Higher Engineering Mathematics, Khanna Publishers, New Delhi.


British Pharinacopoiea, Her Majesty's Stationery office, University Press, Cambridge.

Remington's The science and Practice of Pharmacy, Mack Publishing Co. Easton, Pernsybrania.

Martindale: The Extra Pharmacopoiea, ed J E F Reynolds, The Pharmaceutical Press, London.

The Merck Index, Mark & Co., Inc NJ.

The British Pharmaceutical Codex, The Pharmaceutical Press, London. Convention, Mack Pub Co, Easton. P A.

Pharmacopoeia of India, 1955, 1966, 1985, 1996, 2010, 2014 Govt. of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

British Herbal Pharmacopoeia 1996 by British Herbal Medicine Association, Published by British Herbal Medicine Association

American Herbal Pharmacopoeia by Williamson Langer Jolliffe Graff Upton Published by Taylor & Francis/BSP Books

Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India, Published by Controller Of Publications

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